rosemary, heaven restores you in life

Charcoal Pencil on Stonehenge Paper Notes: I’ve always taken these art progression photos from the seated position that I draw from.  That produces an image with a skewed perspective, but I’ve never liked the bird’s eye view type of shot for drawings.  I might as well throw it on the scanner for that.  Like most […]

Rosy Too

Art in Progress, (Hello Kitty) Pencil on Strathmore Maybe I should draw portraits of certain people in my phone and use it for their caller id…too bad no one really calls anymore though…

Car Meet – 5-25-13

Kaizen International & Regal Cinemas Movie Event with Car & Bike Exhibition | Chamblee, GA

To View the Gallery Please visit:

(Please Rotate your device Horizontally to maximize the photos!)


Model: Sally | MUA/Hair: Nhi

Custom DSLR Cage

Custom (DIY) aluminum DSLR Cage with mounting holes for a Shure SM58A Beta, Rode NTG-1, and a JuicedLink Preamp. All feeding into a D600. In many ways, definitely not as convenient as a camcorder, but it works for me.

3em 3rd Anniversary Concert

3rd Anniversary Concert
April 27, 2013 | The Grand Ballroom | Norcross, GA

Cao Thai Son, Nhom MTV, Khac Viet, Quang Man, Ho Quang Hieu, Bao Thy, Bang Cuong, Minh Vuong, Tran Thai, Duy Manh

Mic Check

So the latest rig I assembled is a D600 mounted to a JuicedLink pre amp, providing phantom power to a Shure SM58A Beta, which in turn feeds a very clean audio signal back to the camera.

D600 and Steadicam Merlin

It took me a few days, but I managed to balance the D600 and 17-55mm combo on another Steadicam Merlin (borrowed from a friend to be used as a test mule).  Anyone who has tried to setup one of these things with any camera will tell you it’s a lesson in trial and error and […]


Model: Victoria | MUA / Hair: NiA | Support and Decor: Ms. Thuy! | Lighting: DIY LED Light Panel and Mola Beauty Dish

Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 DX on D600 FX

Trying out my “free” lens on the D600. The 17-55mm 2.8 DX is a lens for the smaller sensor cameras, but I thought I would use it without enabling the crop mode.

Meet Me on the Equinox Meet Me Halfway

For right now I really can’t travel to far off exotic places.  I’ll just have to find interesting places around town.  While I can’t truly cry foul that I don’t have the means to just jump on a plane and go somewhere, it’s still a grand privilege to be able to drive around wasting gas just to take some pictures and think about things.