Art: Mina

White and black charcoal pencil on Canson Bisque paper, 20 x 25″. This style of drawing takes awhile, but it’s actually less time than my CG style or the other black and white charcoal drawings.  The paper isn’t too expensive, and it has a nice texture and takes the medium well.  Although this paper doesn’t allow me the range of […]

RLCD Lao Cultural Dance Festival

Royal Lao Classical Dancers Lao Cultural Dance Festival in Nashville, TN.  The venue was this really nice Southern mansion near Opryland.    

Art: Fawn Nang Keo

My drawings are on large paper, so I usually have to stitch the scans together and then I color it in sections, layer by layer.  In this particular style and method, which I’ve been using for an awful long time, you can get by with almost any version of Photoshop.  No need for the latest and […]

Royal Lao Classical Dancers at ICLS

Royal Lao Classical Dancers at the 2nd International Conference on Lao Studies. Amazing dance performance from the RLCD all the way from Nashville, TN.  

Photos: 14th Annual Chinese New Year Show

    14th Annual Chinese New Year Show, Woodruff Arts Center | January, 2006 Event coverage for the Georgia Asian Times and the Chinese Business Association of Atlanta