Art: Devin

Devin | Pen & Ink/CG | 18×24″ This will go on my Trapper Keeper. ūüôā

New Orleans

The weather was incredible in New Orleans.¬† While we were playing frisbee at Audubon Park, there was a very nice wedding taking place across the street at Loyola University.¬† Hopefully the people didn’t mind us taking a few shots.¬† The wedding party or bride didn’t arrive in a streetcar though, which would have been quite […]

Photos: Macon Cherry Blossoms

Macon, Georgia is one of the cherry¬†tree capitals of the world.¬† If you guys go down now, you can still catch the beauty of the city, with nearly every single block covered in the distinct white and pink blossoms.¬† If only the city of Atlanta adopted an urban renewal plan that reflected the South’s original […]

LAS Fundraising Ball Photos

Of late I’ve been trumpeting the struggles of artists, but trying to promote respect for and a better understanding of my Laotian culture and heritage is also difficult. Laotian refers to the many groups of people from the small country of Laos (silent “S”).¬† Lao refers to the main spoken and written language as well […]

Happy Leap Day

If anyone wonders where these “exotic” locations are, the pix were taken, ahem…in front of a Mexican Restaurant, an office building, and in front of a Wendy’s!¬† ūüôā

Lao Roots

Check out my work in Lao Roots Magazine. Based out of San Diego, CA, they provide articles on all sorts of Lao things. Betcha didn’t know there are Lao actors, Lao fashion designers, Lao skateboarders, and oh yeah, Lao artists…:)….REPRAZENT!

Photos: Sugar Bowl – Hawaii vs Georgia

Nice to see the streetcar running in NOLA again. The Hawaii fans¬†had such a huge showing that they could have won the game on spirit alone.¬† When it came to cheering, the Hawaii¬†Warrior dance team really had some moves. Even when the game was well out of reach at 41-3 in favor of UGA, the […]

Art: Figure Drawing

Kate 1 (20 minute figure study) 18×24″ Charcoal on Canson Figure drawing from life is a nice change from the way I’m currently creating art, and it’s definitely different from my photography.¬† Walk into¬†any event featuring photographers, and you’ll¬†have others¬†asking you what camera or lens you use, perhaps trying to find a correlation between¬†gear and […]

Photos: Import Fashion

Drove all the way to Raleigh to hang out at an Import Fashion event.¬† 6 hour drive, but I really like road trips.¬† Gives me time to think (…yes i think too much…) and listen to music.¬† Sorry there aren’t too many photos of the cars, it was ridiculously cold outside. Be sure to check […]

Photos: Alexandra Bounxouei

Got a chance to see Alexandra Bounxouei when¬†she performed in Murfreesboro (Nashville), TN this past weekend.¬†¬†¬†Seems like pages always have to mention it, but she’s Bulgarian/Lao, and is quite popular at the moment.¬† She sings quite well, plays the violin, speaks alot of languages, and also stars in a Thai television show.¬† And seeing how […]