Lao Disabled Women’s Center

The next day we visited the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Center. It was a place where women could use their skills, no matter their handicap, as well as learn new skills and earn some money creating handicrafts and gift products. There was however a young man, hunched over, working diligently on greeting cards in a […]

Photos: Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane (pronounced Vieng-Chun) is the capital city of Laos, and not overpopulated, probably having about 400,000 residents.  Being drained from the plane ride, I only managed these shots before the day was over.  It’s an interesting place.  Some parts are still very poor, but the other modernized sections (with funding and aid from the Japanese and […]

The Place Where I Was Born

It took me 14 hours to fly from Atlanta to Seoul, South Korea.  I sat in the airport/mall for about 6 hours admiring their almost “clone” like society and their expensive toys.  Then it was another 5 hour flight to Bangkok, Thailand.  There I sat and just people watched in the airport for 12 hours.  The following morning […]

Season 3 Finale

…Season 3 Finale… A big thank you to anyone who has enjoyed my artwork and photos over the years, and of course those who have met me in “real life” and have a slightly better idea of the person that at first glance, “just draws and takes photos of girls…”  As you are reading this, […]


Notes: Before there was Capture NX and Photoshop, there were old school Cokin filters.

Photos: M&S Hindu Wedding

Notes: It was an honor photographing such a lavish wedding.  Covered the family events as well, and it was interesting seeing all the little ceremonies that have been practiced for centuries.  Amazes me how cultures can assimilate so well in America, yet still hold on to their own language, music and traditions.  Managed to use […]

Photos: Casting Call

Took a friend to a casting call for a rap video (…crank dat…ohhh!).  It was over pretty quick so took the opportunity to try some strobist shots around the ATL. Technical Notes: As you can see, SB800 with the diffusion dome, hand held.

Photos: Photo Barn Shoot

Dunwoody Model Meetup | Photo Barn | Lilburn, GA Notes: Nikkor 17-55mm 2.8, and 105mm 2.8 VR Micro for these shots.  Shot some with the Photogenic studio strobes, but couldn’t get my usual results so went back to the good ol’ SB800 in a softbox for some images.  Nextdoor was an old Chevy remodeling place.  Mosquito repellant, […]

Photos: RLCD Festival and Wat Lao Nashville

Royal Lao Classical Dancers Festival Lao Buddhist Temple of Nashville New Year Celebration May 25, 2008 | Antioch, TN With any dance performance you’d most likely want to capture it on video, but sadly the technology, even at HD resolutions, doesn’t have that same visual appeal to me that photographs have.  The above video is of […]

Photos: VVMA 2008

Vietnamese Video Music Awards | Cobb Energy Centre | May 18, 2008 Presented by the Union of Vietnamese Students Associations of Georgia.  Lots of talented singers, models and performers. All the proceeds from the VVMA event went towards VOICE, a nonprofit group focused on stopping the human trafficking of Vietnamese refugees in Cambodia. Above Slideshow: […]

Photos: D3

Here are some photos of my new friend, the D3.  No, not the Nikon (I wish…), but a foldable bicycle, the Dahon Curve D3. 🙂 Best thing about this bike is that it folds into something that can fit in my trunk.  And I’ve gotten compliments from random strangers as well as lil’ chillren that want […]

Photos: Lao New Year Wat Conley

Lao New Year 2551 (2008) | Wat Lao Pothisaram | Conley, GA For those of you whose photographic or cultural interest has been piqued by my photos, I do have to say that almost all of my work deals with beauty–the surface kind. It’s just a natural tendency of a creative person, or actually of anybody […]

Atlanta Model/Photo Meetup

Photos from the recent Atlanta Model/Photography Meetup | May, 2008. Been meaning to come out for a shootout for some time, but they’re always on a weekend, and of course I’m always goofing off on those days. Everyone did a great job, and it was fun shooting with people from different backgrounds and skill levels.  I know we’re […]