Photos: Wild Bill’s

Notes: SB-800 Speedlight in a softbox, CLS triggered. Last minute notice on this shoot, so thanks to S.B. for backdrop.  Dark as a cave in the lounge area, but the purple wall made for some interesting shots, also thanks to all the mua’s and stylists.

Lathsene Village Schoolkids

From our trip to Laos.  The preschool location was in Xieng Khouang Province, one of the most bombed areas in Laos, and one of the poorest.  The region also has the sad honor of being first in bombie farming accidents.  Lathsene village lacked running water and even electricity, but the schoolchildren and villagers treated us […]

Laos: Director’s Cut

Life can either be a tragedy or a comedy.  I know almost all of my posts recapping my 15 days in Laos have been about the struggles and problems in current day Laos, from the point of view of an artist/photographer, but I did manage to have some fun.  In all the other posts I […]

Laos: Food

Ah yes, the most important part of the trip…the food!  Like I mentioned, I weighed the least, but ate the most.  Sadly, still super skinny…. p.s. the “S” in Laos is silent!

Traveling through Laos with Friends

Here are the people that I traveled through Laos with.  All amazing and kind hearted people with some connection and empathy towards Laos and its people. (Please excuse my silly bios) 🙂 1] FB Writer, Interviewer, Cookie Thief, Author of “Voices from the Plain of Jars,” helped to expose the secret war in Laos to the U.S. Government and […]

Thak Baht, Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang, the old Royal Capital of Laos, has always been known as a jewel amongst the already beautiful landscape of Laos.  I’d always wanted to go, but I would honestly have to say that it’s not quite what I expected.  The first chance I had to walk around this UNESCO World Heritage City, I […]

Champa House, Luang Prabang

There’s an interesting establisment in Luang Prabang, a house/non profit set up by Prince (Chao) Somsanith Nithakhong, a Lao artist of royal descent.  (He recently made an appearance on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations episode on Laos) Educated in Laos and France, intelligent and eloquent in many languages, he spoke to us about the mission of […]