Art: Busaba 4,5

Busaba 4 | Brush and Ink / CG | 12×18″ Busaba 5 | Quill, Brush and Ink / CG | 12×18″

Photos: Raven Cliffs Falls

Misc Notes: Raven Cliffs Falls, North of Helen, GA.  2.5 Mile hike from parking lot, following the stream and multiple stopping points for small waterfalls.  Trail is moderate to easy, however the “path” to the top of the falls is precarious and steep.  The waterfall has two pools, with some really cool water.  The bottom […]

Art: Figure Drawing – Jonesboro

I’m so out of shape figure drawing wise, but here are some quick drawings from this past weekend.  Been placing the figures all on one sheet to save paper and money :(.  Like most sessions they usually start out with quick 2 minute warm up drawings and end up with 20 minute poses.  Wish I had more time […]

↑,↑,↓,↓,←,→,←,→, B, A, SELECT, START

  Been cleaning up, i.e. throwing away junk, and I came to all my old videogames. For old times sake I hooked up an NES to the projector and played a couple of games. Of course it acted up in the beginning and took the breath on the cartridge trick to get it going. 🙂 […]

4th of July

Video of fireworks that surprisingly fit together well with M83’s “We Own the Sky”

Photos: Canon 10D Test Images

What’s that saying? People know the price of everything but the value of nothing?  These images are from a Canon 10D, given to me by a good friend (Thanks JK!). It’s an older camera that doesn’t go for much on the used market, but I’ll graciously add it to the fleet.  In the off and boring […]

Kodak Black and White Memories

    With the recent demise of filmstock such as Polaroid instant film and now Kodak Kodachrome, I’ve been thinking about shooting more film.  When I think back to random events in my life, I’m always glad that I carried a film camera around with Kodak black and white film, even when it wasn’t practical, […]

Photos: Random 85mm 1.4 Tests

Technical Notes: Random tests of the Nikon 85mm f/1.4, first impressions are:  it’s not as versatile as the 105mm 2.8 VR Micro for portraits, definitely not as sharp wide open, and the minimum focus distance is limiting, but the bokeh is quite “painterly.”  DOF is so shallow at 1.4 that you can definitely “buzz” a person […]

Video: Yasukazu Kano

Featuring: Yasukazu Kano and Miyamoto Takana Notes: Really amazing flute player and musician from Japan, You might recognize the theme songs from some Miyazaki Films: Castle in the Sky, Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke), Turns into a DJ Shadow drumfest at the end, “filmed” with a D90 and 105mm 2.8 Micro VR, Maum Bakery, Doraville, GA

Photos: Lowrider Show

Pep Boys Lowrider Car Show | Doraville, GA …bottom frame…the Last Son of Krypton walks among us!…