VACGA Viet New Year 2012

Vietnamese American Community of Georgia (VAC) Tet New Year Festival and Miss Viet Georgia Pageant Norcross, GA | January 22, 2012 Feel free to download my photos for your own personal use.  A link back or credit is much appreciated. Sharing is caring. 🙂  More photos coming soon, these were the ones I personally liked. […]

Kodak Gold 400

Finally used this roll of Kodak Gold 400 that was probably at the bottom of the junk box for over a decade. 400 is definitely grainy, but I like it.


Random photos I got developed the other day. Kodak Black and White film from my old Minolta and 50mm lens.


Model: Vy MUA / Hair: Nhi I posted the above image because it is an example of the test I quickly fire off when I’m shooting off camera speedlights, either Nikon CLS or manual flash for the Canon.  It had been cloudy and cold all day, but for some reason the sunset tonight was this […]


Model: Rosanna MUA / Hair: Nhi For these next photos I shot film to test out the Mola softlite.  F100, Kodak BW400CN and the one light setup.  One thing I have to remind myself is to always trigger the Pocket Wizard to wake up the SB800.  When you shoot film with an automatic advance camera, […]

Snapseed for Mac

Notes: Snapseed is now available in the Mac App store.  A bit more expensive than the iPad app, but then again, most people don’t realize how expensive plugins cost for the various photo editing programs.  Very limited options in the desktop/notebook version, and the jpeg compression is set for small file sizes, but it does […]


Model: Anh MUA / Hair: Anh Stylist / Runner: Van Lighting Assistance: Thomas, Annie Tech Notes:  First shoot with my newest lighting modifier, a Mola softlite “beauty dish.”  Haven’t finished making the mounting bracket yet, but good enough to take out on a random outing.  The final bracket will be a twin speedlight setup.  I […]

Kodak DC 210 vs Nikon vs Canon vs — Does it even matter anymore?

The first digital cameras I used were the school’s Sony Mavicas that stored images on floppy discs and the Apple Quicktakes.  It wasn’t until the affordable Kodaks came out that I finally got one of my own. My dad bought me that Kodak DC 210.  It was on discount for about $400+.  I was in […]

Luxe Lifestyle December Event

Sponsored by Infiniti of South Atlanta, Victory H20, Sephora, Caesars Entertainment, Pink Stiletto Valet, SkinnyGirl, and Bar Savvy.

Featuring: Bovanti, Tony Terry, John and Rhonda Wilkins, Gary Gross, and More

Showcasing: Mimi Tin Fashion, Amy Cooper, Ben Almonor, Trinita Patton

3em Entertainment November Show

“The Masquerade” End of the Year Concert and Jacky Tai Fashion Show. Featuring: Cat Tien, Tuan Hung, Le Quyen, Khang Viet, and Vee Phuong


Pretty leaves…

Nikon J1 Color

The little Nikon J1 has some really vibrant color. Combined with excellent metering, this camera shines in good natural light.

iPad 2 Camera and Snapseed

The built in camera of the iPad 2 is more of a novelty, but it works, which is more than what you can say about the myriad of cameras I frequently see in the antique stores.