Lao New Year 2555

I often wonder if all of my Lao New Year photos are actually doing more harm than good.  Because I don’t necessarily post images of what truly happens, when outsiders go to the temple/community center/fairgrounds, they might be in for a shock.  There are many things in the Lao community that I don’t agree with, […]

LAS 7th Annual Ball

Laotian American Society 7th Annual Fundraiser.  April 14, 2012  | The Grand Ballroom  |  Norcross, GA Sabaidee Pii Mai – Happy Lao New Year! Uncle Boon to the rescue! 😉 More Photos and Videos on the LAS FB Page.

NAAAP Impact

 Performance by Joy Tolentino and Oscar Mendez.

Yonah Mountain

Even with the pollen I thought it would be fun to walk up Yonah Mountain. When we got to the top, it started hailing, which was actually refreshing since the forest was a bit warm in the sun and all the bugs were out in full force.

Olympus + Leica

Technical Notes: Olympus E-PL1 and the 80 year old German Leica 50mm f/2 Summar I took off the Russian Zorki 4.  Since the lens lacks any coating whatsoever, the flaring is way over the top when I shoot towards any light source.  It took a lot of post processing in Capture NX 2 to get the […]


Birmingham, AL

Slider Practice Video

Tech Notes: Thanks to Van and Anister for helping, and of course Vy for playing. :0)  These are some random video clips of me practicing with the DIY slider.  I’m going to stop using the word “tests” for certain gear related things, because these are basically the times when I practice with my various tools. […]

Zorki 4

Notes:  Went on another treasure hunt and added this to the mix for a very good price.  The Zorki (spelled in Cyrillic) was Russia’s attempt at making a Leica clone.  This particular model is the Zorki 4, using the M39 Leica Thread Mount lenses.  The Summar 50mm f/2 collapsible lens wasn’t in the best of […]

→, ↓, →, P: Final Round XV

A bit of a different type of post, but hey, I’m actually into many things, and this gets me back to my roots.  Like almost all boys growing up I loved videogames, from the side scrolling buddy system of Contra, to the rinse and repeat nature of leveling up in RPG’s, and of course, fighting […]

H&H (+ 1): Pre Wedding

Notes: Lucked out and the weather was great.  Didn’t have to go far (well not counting the drive to Statesboro from ATL), except to the Botanical Garden and Downtown.  The golden light that illuminated everything in pastels was a million times better than any electric cathode LED contraption out there.  That’s why it’s so valuable […]

3em Entertainment 2nd Anniversary Concert

3Em Entertainment 2nd Anniversary Show The Grand Ballroom | Norcross, GA | February 25, 2012 Featuring: Diem Suong, Cao Thai Son, Nguyen Thang, Quynh Vi, Alex Tuan Huynh, Vi Thao and Jacky Tai Fashion Notes: Thanks to 3Em Entertainment for putting on another great show.  Different venue with different challenges, but thanks to all the […]

New Orleans: Street Photography

Street Photography from the Saturday and Sunday before Mardi Gras 2012. Fujifilm X100 to keep it light and simple. …However this little Fuji has been exhibiting the “sticky aperture blade” problem for quite some time now. Erratic exposures caused by the lens not being able to stop down correctly. Fujifilm USA, I hope this can be fixed for the cost of shipping only… 🙁