TEA Walk 2012

Together Empowering Asian Americans Walk, Organized and Hosted by Center for Pan Asian Community Services CPACS, Doraville, GA ….wait for it…”…Oppan Gangnam style!!!” 😎 | Photos by Boon Vong

New You Magazine Event – Washington Estates

NEW YOU MAGAZINE Release Celebration
Featuring Jaki Brown Fashion | Rob Bennett Fashion | Select Luxury Cars | and More | Producer Renee Knorr Director of Special Events New You Magazine @ Washington Estates, Johns Creek, GA | Photos by Boon Vong

4×6 I

Random Portraits over the years… Thanks to all who have stepped in front of my lens. See you out there…

4×6 II

Random Portraits over the years… Thanks to all who have stepped in front of my lens. See you out there…

Papaya Salad

Photos from our first Annual Papaya Salad (Thum Mak Houng) Contest!

Graveyard Girl

The student photographers I see at Oakland Cemetery normally only focus on the graves and stone monuments, but I am mostly attracted to the color and texture. I’m sure one of the movie companies will film something here one day, since it is such a picturesque Atlanta landmark.


Location: Kent Rock Manor


In addition to my antique store rummaging for camera gear, I’ve started to pay more attention to the vintage clothes that I could possibly use for some future shoots.  I’m definitely not wired for fashion, but here are some bargains that caught my eye that I had to purchase.  Photographed here at the “studio” with […]


Note: My website/blog has seen many changes over the years, but this is pretty much the 700th post!

Starlight Six

So I went treasure hunting at the Starlight Six Drive-In flea market, and wouldn’t you know it, my “spidey sense” alerted me to some deals at the very last booth I visited.  I’ve always enjoyed going to flea markets, ever since I was a little kid taking road trips with my dad.  He would find […]


I would have to say the Fuji Instax has the best colors (it is film after all), the Nikon 1 probably the best camera for food photography (vivid clarity makes everything look delicious), the Pro Pack good for messups, and the Harinezumi with a charm out of the box that only an artist could appreciate.

3em Entertainment May Concert

3em Entertainment | May 5, 2012 Concert
The Grand Ballroom, Norcross, GA | Featuring: Trinh Lam, Lam Anh, Quoc Khanh, Nguyen Hong Nhung, Mai Tien Dung, Toc Tien and Trung Cang Band | Photos by Boon Vong, Thomas Cannon, and Little Helper 🙂


Natural Light with a Windshield Reflector. 🙂