Hear the Noise that Moves so Soft and Low

In cinema, the protagonist (or villain) usually watches movies on old film projectors, with only the flickering of the machine as the soundtrack. Nothing that artsy for me, just watching my random video clips on the PS3 or phone. With cinegraphs joining animated gifs in the looping visual eye candy, it’s not so bad losing the audio in most of my video files. It’s not like on camera audio is any good anyway…

The Sound of Silence

We all need to print out more of our digital photography work, make things, share them in real life, give tangible products that prove we were here.

Full Frame + Phone

I kept my old phone and started using it as a dedicated camera/editor. Don’t hang on to much, but this one has both good and sad memories. Yeah I know, way too sentimental…


Going through some old photos, figuring out what to do.  These are images from when I would stroll through New Orleans with an IR Sigma.

Just Peachy…

Art in progress, pencil on Strathmore…gives me something to do while I reflect on life and listen to Debussy on repeat. 🙂

VAC GA New Year

Lunar New Year Tet and Miss Viet Georgia | Grand Ballroom | Norcross, GA

i h♥te u

“…Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs. And what’s wrong with that?” 🙂

3em Entertainment Lunar New Year Party: Divas

3em Entertainment Lunar New Year Party: Divas February 9, 2013 | The Grand Ballroom | Norcross, GA Featuring: Thanh Ha, Ky Duyen, Ho Le Thu, Tu Quyen, Ky Phuong Uyen, Anh Minh, Diem Suong and Jacky Tai Fashion Show Pre Event Photos: So here was our setup for the model shoot before the show.  Brought […]

In the Spotlight

A Night in the Spotlight, Foto Fashion Fun Hangout
Location and Clothing provided by Spotlight Boutique located in lovely Downtown Decatur
Model: Rosy | Hair: Brian Butler | Styling: Brian Lamar | MUA: Chandie Carter
Backdrop and Strobe Lighting: Henry
Continuous Light: My DIY LED Light Panel!

DIY LED Light Panel

My simple 24×24″ lighting panel made by combining an LED ceiling light fixture from China and parts we made.

ImagingUSA Expo

The ImagingUSA Expo was in our backyard earlier this week in Atlanta.  I went to see the gear of course, and to get some inspiration for new things we could possibly make for photography.  I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’ve always known that you can’t make an easy living taking pictures, […]

Blind Emboss Letterpress

The linoleum and EZ carve experience didn’t go well, but in my wanderings around the web and on the roads, it led me to the world of custom Letterpress templates and an eye opening trip to the scrapbooking store.  Yes, scrapbooking.

New Skin

…another year, another website front end to tinker with. Even though not any new work, please check it out! The responsive theme changes with the display device.


As the year draws to a close, I’m going through all my old photos, i.e. junk, in hopes of getting back precious gigabytes and sending all these awful attempts at photographic art into the digital atom smasher. Most of my digital photos pretty much picked up a ludicrous pace in 2002 and 2003.  That was […]

4th and Long

It’s rather silly to put our own temporary happiness in things we can’t control, but we all do it. The high that we get from a victory that we did nothing to contribute to, and the absolute despair that comes from losing a simple football game.

Hometown Glory

While looking for spots to photograph in my hometown the other day, my friend remarks, “Why does this place look so…abandoned?” It’s true, ain’t nothing going on in Smallville, GA.

3em Entertainment: Tuan Hung Live Show

3em Entertainment
Tuan Hung Live Show
Featuring: Quang Man, Maya, Khac Viet, Trina Bao Tran, MTV Band VN
The Grand Ballroom | Norcross, GA | November 17, 2012

Event Photos by Boon Vong

TEA Walk 2012

Together Empowering Asian Americans Walk, Organized and Hosted by Center for Pan Asian Community Services CPACS, Doraville, GA ….wait for it…”…Oppan Gangnam style!!!” 😎 | Photos by Boon Vong