Animated GIF Memories

The other day I converted lots of my random videos into animated gifs.  I wanted a random grid of looping videos on my main portfolio site, but it was definitely slow to load and a bandwidth killer.  It was still a fun half afternoon experiment though, manually cutting and exporting these in Photoshop, the old way of making gifs.  I like how these automatically play in iMessage when sent to friends.  The iPhone automatically categorizes them in their own album, and swiping through them with their autoplay and looping nature is pretty cool.  They won’t play on my old iPads though, darn. The source video clips were all from random cameras over the years: Nikon D90, Pocket Cinema Camera, 5D mk II. The humble Harinezumi though might be my best tool for making future animated gifs.  It’s already lo fi with the 4:3 aspect ratio out of the box, and the lowering of the color bit depth just further adds to the charm.  Random fun memories that really don’t need to be anything more than a few hundred pixels wide and 256 colors. 😉

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