→, ↓, →, P: Final Round XV

Final Round 15, held at the Westin near the King and Queen building at Perimeter.

X100 Panorama, I think this was the line to play Soul Calibur V, with a payout of $5000. :/

A bit of a different type of post, but hey, I’m actually into many things, and this gets me back to my roots.  Like almost all boys growing up I loved videogames, from the side scrolling buddy system of Contra, to the rinse and repeat nature of leveling up in RPG’s, and of course, fighting games.  We used to cut school and try to find the gas stations that had the chipped versions of Street Fighter Champion Edition.  Having a friend that worked at the Great Games was nice too, as he had the “golden key.”

It’s weird though, even when I was younger I “claimed” to only play Tekken for fun.  In Tekken Tag I spent endless hours messing around with a Yoshimitsu and Julia/Xiaoyu team.  It didn’t anger me if I lost, I enjoyed it if I played well or fancy or in a manner that was a bit honorable, if there is such a thing in videogames.  Of course that really doesn’t matter much in life or in business or in anything.  We all like to believe that it’s how you play the game, not if you win the game or not, but as a wise man once said, “…Then why keep score?”

What do competitive videogames like Tekken have to do with life?  Well, no matter how skilled or talented you are at something, there’s always someone better.  It is the losing graciously part that I respect, as well as the years spent by these guys to hone their craft.  Like all art and sports, the talent gets you started, but the practice and constant grinding is what gets you to a master level.  I wish people in the arts and photography field would realize that.  Anyone can buy a camera and lens combo that takes pretty pictures that mimics the magazines, but to take good photos consistently is the sign of a skilled, not just talented, person.  It takes many years, maybe even decade of working on any craft to be truly proficient.  Give it up to the people quietly working away on their passion, and forget the online noise of self promotion and look at me attitude that permeates our society, and especially in the field of visual arts and photography.

Good to see the scene still going on strong, with money and sponsorship, and a healthy competitive environment.  Much respect to the younger ATL gaming scene taking the crown once held by SoCal.

Blurry of course, but here we are with ATL HOA aka ANAKIN aka Lannie Loo's Little Brother :), MLG's Tekken 6 Champion from last year, this year's Final Round Tekken champ and hands down one of the best Tekken players I've ever seen...

As far as the Tekken Finals, the matches between Anakin and AO from Japan were riveting.  Like a tennis match between Federer and Nadal.  Anakin playing Jack-6 and AO playing one of the best Alisa’s.  In my opinion he shouldn’t have messed around with Lars or Miguel and stuck to the poking and punishing ability of Alisa.  Eventually the Japanese poking style might have won out, but no match for the pit bull style, as the competitive gaming scene’s Jordan/Kobe mounted a comeback and then putting away the competitor.  No doubt in my mind, Game Ova. ATL Reprazent! Haha… 🙂


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