Buddha Bucha Temple – June 15, 2014

A really hot June Sunday at the Thai Temple in Decatur, with a gathering of 100+ monks for a rare ceremony, the consecration of the ubosot, and the burial of the 9 boundary stones. It was a full weekend, with Thai Classical dancing, alms giving, and free food for all prepared by many volunteers from Buddhist temples ranging from Ohio to Florida. Photos and Event Coverage by Boon Vong.

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2013

Hong Kong Association Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival September 14, 2013 | Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club, Lake Lanier, Gainesville, GA www.dragonboatatlanta.com Notes:  So this was my 8th year at the event. Every year I either row or take photos, and other planning stuff.  Got to the lake late because I wanted to sleep in a bit, […]


Location: Kent Rock Manor

Yonah Mountain

Even with the pollen I thought it would be fun to walk up Yonah Mountain. When we got to the top, it started hailing, which was actually refreshing since the forest was a bit warm in the sun and all the bugs were out in full force.

Nikon J1 Motion Snapshots

This is the J1’s Motion Snapshot in playback, one of the more criticized features of the Nikon 1 camera. Basically what it does is pre-record a 1 second 24fps movie combined with a full res image and plays it back with user selectable music.

“Real” photographers blast this novelty, but I kinda like it. It does bring smiles to the people I’ve used it on. I would have to say that is one of the main points of photography, to have fun…

3em Entertainment November Show

“The Masquerade” End of the Year Concert and Jacky Tai Fashion Show. Featuring: Cat Tien, Tuan Hung, Le Quyen, Khang Viet, and Vee Phuong

Nikon J1 Color

The little Nikon J1 has some really vibrant color. Combined with excellent metering, this camera shines in good natural light.

Nikon J1: Autumn Leaves 400fps

Notes: The resolution isn’t that great, but the little Nikon 1 does have a slick built in slowmo mode. This is my sorry attempt at a “House of Flying Daggers” type of scene at 400fps. Too bad all the leaves have gone.


Last week of Fall colors here in Georgia. Smashing Pumpkins and Matthew Sweet is always on my soundtrack this time of year…

Location Scouting: Suwanee in the Autumn

Landscapes around town, with a Nikon J1 and Fuji X100.  Great lightweight cameras for walking around, and any imaging device can get pretty pictures if the light is right.  All these photos taken early in the morning and brisk, about 36 degrees.  The little J1’s high image quality doesn’t surprise me at all.  Too many […]

Nikon 1 (Pre-Review)

First thoughts and pictures from the new Nikon mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the J1.