Steadicam Merlin Reel

Random Steadicam shots over the years from various gigs and projects. I know some of them are rough, but these are one take shots in the field. The Steadicam Merlin and 5D mk II and 24-105mm combo is a heavy unwieldy one, and plus I always carry some side arm cameras for stills, further adding to my aching bones. 🙂

Slider Practice Video

Tech Notes: Thanks to Van and Anister for helping, and of course Vy for playing. :0)  These are some random video clips of me practicing with the DIY slider.  I’m going to stop using the word “tests” for certain gear related things, because these are basically the times when I practice with my various tools. […]


Notes: We’re so used to watching and framing movies in horizontal widescreen format, that I forget that still photographers don’t have to follow those rules.  Interesting to see the mobile phone world change the perceptions of motion video orientation.  Wondering about the possibilities of shooting an entire short film in vertical format…

Video: 3em + Jacky Tai Fashion Show

Notes: Didn’t go into the event thinking we were going to shoot video, but the clips did add up so here are highlights of the Jacky Tai fashion show portion of the evening.  Lots of random gear here, from the Steadicam Merlin and 5D to PT’s GF1 and vintage Nikon lens.  The runway walks are […]

Video: 3em Concert / Thai Nguyen Fashion Show

3em Entertainment Concert / Thai Nguyen Fashion Show Music: It’s all White (Fejik Mix) by Thomas Fejik and ID by Mark Eteson Notes: Video clips that I shoot inbetween taking still photos (with another camera), Canon for video, Nikon for stills

Chopstix for Charity 2010

Notes:  NAAAP (National Associaton of Asian American Professionals) Atlanta Chapter’s yearly fundraiser Chopstix for Charity.  Proceeds are given out to other Asian non-profit and community based organizations around town. Hey, I actually get to be in some pictures. 🙂

Video: RLCD Festival

Notes: Just random clips thrown together, 5D mk II and D90, mostly handheld, and of course manual focus on everything.  One could see the advantages of the little “HD” cameras out there with their extreme depth of focus (i.e. every unnecessary thing in focus), but I still like the messups and the old 16mm look.  Song is […]